De-Mystifying the Cloud Part 1: The Benefits of a Hosted Solution

12 Feb 2014

There are a myriad of articles out and about stating the benefits of having hosted software. Pretty much all of them say the same, but without going too deep into the reasons. If we were to list all the benefits of a hosted solution and went into the reasons, you’d be here for a couple of hours. Starting with this article, I would like to break them down into a series of posts, over the next couple of weeks, and give perspective of the benefits from a technical side, not just a business side.

The most obvious benefit is ease of access. If you have an internet connection, you can access a hosted solution. The internet is available just about everywhere, from cafes and bars to hotels and airports. Some cities have city wide wireless available, and for those who don’t, there’s always the mobile network.

There’s also a huge range of devices which can access the internet from things as small as phones, right through to tablets, laptops, computers and even more. Games consoles can even have web browsers in them for use, though I’ve never tried using OpenCRM on it, it’s technically possible.

If your main office solution is a program stored on your office computer with all of your information on it, how do you access it when you are away from the office, or make sure you have all of the information you need just before you go into a meeting? Simply remembering everything isn’t going to work.

Paper? What if your printer is broken or you spill coffee on it so it’s not readable? Maybe the dog ate it! Work on a laptop and carry that everywhere? Ok, this is the most viable one, but why when internet access is widely available?

You could, of course, always connect to your office computer via some third party software, but if this is the case then a hosted solution is just as easy, if not easier. Just log in to your system from whatever computer is available to you in the meeting; this flexibility is one of the key benefits of a hosted solution.

Of course, if your office has a power outage when you try and connect from outside, then you are stuck. But, if you’ve got a fully charged laptop on the mobile data network, that’s not the case with OpenCRM, as our solution is hosted in ISO accredited datacentres that have the ability to stay running even if the power is cut. Up to 7 days without power in fact, courtesy of diesel generators. If the power doesn’t look like coming on in those 7 days, they can just add more fuel and keep running. All you need is internet access and OpenCRM is available and ready for you.

If you want to know more about the reasons to choose a hosted CRM solution, keep checking back and I’ll go through some of the other benefits of going hosted. You might already have decided from this that a hosted solution is for you and if that’s the case, contact one of our friendly sales team who will help you on your journey.

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