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How secure is eSign in OpenCRM is it Legal?

Updated: 02 September 2016 12:02:57 OpenCRM::Orders::Sales Orders

We offer a secure method for your clients to sign their Sales Orders with you.

The law in the UK requires certain things to happen for the eSign to be legal, these include;

1. The eSign is uniquely linked to a person - we do this by linking you to the Sales Order within our secure systems which means that only you or an authorised persons access is accepted. We also track the iP address of the signing device and record the email address used to gain access. We hold all of this information in a secure system audit.

2. The ability to identify the signatory and responsible organisation - We require the Company Name and Address on any Sales Order raised and this is displayed on the eSign screen for confirmation to the person eSigning.

3. Restrict access to the eSign process to only authorised people - The link to the eSign page is sent to your designated email address. Access is only available to you via your email and with a corresponding linked Sales Order. You have control over the signing process.

4. Once an order has been eSigned a further email confirmation is generated - A copy of the Sales Order is sent to the email address that has eSigned - this confirmation gives instructions on what to do should you think that this order has been signed without your authority.

Additional levels of security : As standard we track and trace any changes made to key data such as your email address, this includes a full audit of changes and location of the change (OpenCRM, Client Portal) and by whom.

You can enhance the eSign process to include a dedicated and unique PIN. At the same time you can force Signatories to enter accurate and up to date information to capture specific data such as Registered Office and Business Type.

Note : The eSign process sits alongside a common sense and best practice approach for order processing. You should have checked the authenticity of the person you are dealing with including if they have the authority to contract with you for the purchases they are making, this can be supported by holding key data on your Contacts & Companies within OpenCRM and by including Terms of Supply details whenever you send a Sales Order from OpenCRM. By following a robust process for customer engagement you will quickly ascertain if the person you are communicating with has the appropriate credentials to authorise any purchases.This best practices should include good payment management and credit checking for new customers.

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