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How do I set up a recurring Activity? How do I add multiple users to a recurring Activity?

Updated: 15 June 2020 13:01:22 OpenCRM::Activities

To set up a recurring activity in OpenCRM, simply click the two arrows to the right of the activity date on the edit screen.

You are then presented with a screen which should be familiar to anyone who has set up recurring activities in other software applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

By choosing the recurrence pattern, you are presented with a number of different options.

The "End After" section allows you to specify either a date, or a number of recurrences after which the series will end.


Adding multiple users to a recurring Activity

If you have a recurring Activity that needs more than one user assigned to it, you will need to add the users to ALL Activities...not just the first one.

You can do this by:

  1. Create and save your recurring Activity
  2. Click to Edit Series
  3. Re-assign to another user
  4. Click Apply (if you have more users to add) or Save (if that was your last user)

Watch below to see this in action:

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