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How do I add a new User to OpenCRM? How do I amend an existing Users details?

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There are two ways you can add new users to your system:

1. The first time you login to your system, you will be greeted with the Set up Wizard that will walk you through the process.

2. If you do not want to set up your users in this first stage or if you need to add/edit more users in the future, you can do this through the User Management area of the Settings.

Set up Wizard

The first time you sign into your system, you will be able to create your users via the Set up Wizard. This is available for systems that have are Version 3.8 and onwards.

You can simply type in their details, click add, and the user will be added to your system. If you have ticked the "Email Details?" box, they will be sent an email with their username and another with their password. Both will also have a link to your system within them.

Important: Creating users from the wizard will give them full access to the system, but no admin rights. If you wish to restrict which modules they can access, you will need to edit their user record from the user management area of the system to give them the correct Role and add them to any Teams or Groups. (See this FAQ for more information about security and permissions.)

User Management

To access the User Management area of the system, go to Settings->User Management block. You can set up your Profiles, Roles, Teams, and Groups from here.

You can also click on Users to see a full list of all the users of your system and to edit the records.

  • To amend an Existing Users details, click the User name in the grid and then select the Edit button
  • To Create a NEW User, select the New User button

When you select the appropriate link (above) the User Edit screen will be displayed, it will be blank (if New User was selected) or contain existing information if you are editing an existing User.

Once you have made the changes or entered the information that is relevant to this user, click the Save button to apply this information and complete the process. 

NOTE : When looking at the VIEW screen for a user you will notice that there is a Duplicate Button, this is quick way to copy the details from one User to another, saving you time and setting up the same criteria, such as groups, roles, views etc..

Username and Password

When you have finished editing your users, the system will ask you if you would like to send their username (only the first time you save)...

...or you can send them their username by simply clicking on the Email Username button within their record.

Once you've got the username set and sent, you can then create their password by clicking the Change Password button on their user record.

By ticking the box at the bottom of this pop-up, you will automatically send an email to this user with their new password.

If you would like a little more information on Passwords within OpenCRM, take a look at This FAQ


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