3 Tips for staying on top of your work

17 Apr 2014

It’s the end of the week before a long weekend. You look around and see you still have piles of work to do, but only 8 scheduled hours in which to do them. Plus, you are busy! You have meetings and calls, not all this work will be done. If you ever feel like this, here are 3 of my favourite tips and tricks on how to keep on top of your work and all whilst keeping a level head.

$1   1-      Know when you are out of your depth and ask for help

Knowing when you are out of your depth. Easy to say harder to do right? I know for a fact that I tend to take on a lot, because I feel I can, and then realise as the pressure rises, that maybe I wasn’t ready. So what do you do in those situations? Where do you start?

Take a deep breath. Breathing is important to a- keep you alive b-keep you serene c- let yourself know you will be ok. 
Examine your tasks at hand. How many things do you need to get done today? How many things are for tomorrow?
Prioritise. Can something be put back until after a few tasks have been completed?
Know when to delegate. Are you the only person that can complete this task? Can someone with a plate less full take over without you needing to micromanage?
Know when to ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. Learn to empower yourself when you need to get an answer or when you need help completing a task.  

$     2-      Manage expectations.

 If you will accept a new task from someone, tell them how long it will really take you, and where, on your list of priorities you set earlier, it will fall. Use your Activities module meticulously. Make sure you enter realistic time expectations when you schedule a task, call or meeting.

$1   3-      Manage your schedule.

Use your OpenCRM to plan your day. Set aside chunks of time dedicated to a task. Even if you don’t finish it, dedicate an allotted amount of time, and stick to it, using a timer or by actually checking the time. You will be more productive and feel less overwhelmed when switching from one activity to the next seamlessly.  Use the 2 minute rule. Can it be dealt with in 2 minutes? If yes, do it. If no, how long will it take? Organise yourself accordingly.

OpenCRM is an amazing tool for you to use. You need to take advantage of all it can do to make your life that much easier. We can help guide you in the best ways to use the CRM system to minimize effort and maximise results. That’s what training is all about: Teaching you how to use it to the best of it and your potential.