Security & data protection

We know that the data you put into your CRM system is among the most valuable assets you have. That’s why security is at the heart of everything we do here at Open CRM.

Data Centres

To start off with, all customer databases are held in ISO 27001 certified data centres. These are all based in the UK, including the backup facilities.

Our primary data centres are always linked to a second data centre in a different part of the country. This means that even if there is an issue with access or the main hardware on either of the two managed instances of your data in the primary location, this redundant and non geographically located secondary data centre is there to take the load.

Internal Processes

In addition to securing the data centres, we follow strict internal procedures, both in the day-to-day activities of all staff and in the development of all new code, that have been implemented to ensure any data about or belonging to our customers is kept safe (and in the UK) at all times.

Your System

Once in your own Open CRM system, you will also have a wide variety of controls to ensure that your users only have access to the information they need. This includes restricting access to entire modules or specific fields.

You can implement a password policy and IP black or white listing to support your security policy.

More information

If you want to get a little more insight into what we do and how we do it just get in touch. Send us a message and we will gladly provide further information, this includes being able to speak with the people behind the policies to give you confidence that your data is safe.