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transitioning away from remote working

Getting Back: Transition From Remote Work

Although we are still living in very uncertain times, we need to prepare ourselves for various work scenarios, including a transition from remote work back to the office. In this post, I’ll be looking at what...

by Tom Chapman26th May 2020
Change Log Upgrade Clock

19 May 2020

For this latest update of OpenCRM, we’ve included some new controls and security enhancements for your users, added a whole new integration that might just revolutionise your sales and customer service teams, made some tweaks to email...

by Open CRM18th May 2020
CRM with Email Integration

Email Integration With OpenCRM

Today I’m going to talk about email integration with CRM. You might think of your CRM system as the place where you manage your client data. But that suggests that everything needs to be done by you, which is not strictly the case. In...

by Tom Chapman6th April 2020
CRM outside the vacuum

CRM Outside the Vacuum

Your sales team does not exist in a vacuum, they have to work with and for the benefit of the rest of the company. So why would you have them use a system that doesn’t work or at least integrate with the rest of your business...

by Open CRM24th March 2020
Management Centre Case Study
CRM Reports

CRM Reports – 16 Big Hitters For You

It’s often said that your CRM system is only ever as good as the data that you put in. But that’s only part of the story, as it’s just as important to know what you get out of it. Enter the world of CRM reports. You might have heard...

by Tom Chapman9th March 2020

App Update – March 2020

Our latest version is packed full of technical, behind-the-scenes enhancements to give you a boost of speed when searching for and interacting with your records. We’ve also added several new features to help make you a lean, mean,...

by Open CRM5th March 2020
Change Log Update Delivery

03 March 2020

This first release of 2020 sees us bringing brand new functionality into existing areas of the system, while also extending existing functionality into modules that have never had these tools before. As always, our goal is to give our...

by Open CRM2nd March 2020
Ergo Group Ltd Case Study 70px
Success Story Westmorland Laundry
Customer Success

What Is Customer Success?

If you ask anyone at OpenCRM who or what is Customer Success – they are likely to point you in my direction, as the Customer Success Manager. That’s right, I get to write a blog post all about myself today! Egos aside,...

by Tom Chapman6th February 2020
CRM Case Study Robop
SMS messages

SMS Messaging and Other Communications

Businesses today have an overwhelming choice when it comes to communicating with clients. Face to face, telephone, live chat, SMS messaging, webforms. email – the choice is endless. You tend to pick the form most...

by Tom Chapman13th January 2020
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