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Life without CRM

Life without CRM

Sends chills down your spine doesn’t it? Well it does for our MD who imagines what his life here at OpenCRM would be like without CRM....

by Graham Anderson17th June 2019
Basic CRM

A Basic CRM System – is that so much to ask?

When you read the words “basic CRM”, you may think this is referring to a back-to-the-roots system with that offers you a simple business software solution and nothing more. Well in a sense you’d be right, but only partially. You see,...

by Tom Chapman28th May 2019
CRM Training Matrix

Your CRM Training Matrix

Managing the configuration and training for your CRM system is something that deserves careful consideration. In order to help you work out which areas of training you should focus on, we have designed our own CRM Training Matrix. As...

by Tom Chapman29th April 2019
CRM Packages

What CRM packages do you need?

A lot of CRM providers bundle the various elements of their product into smaller packages that you have to buy separately. So how do you know which one(s) you need?...

by Ashley Tallyn23rd April 2019
CRM Online

A hidden benefit of keeping your CRM online

When you talk about going with an online CRM system, people always start with discussions of flexibility and global access. They will probably also throw in comments about security. This blog explores a different benefit....

by Graham Anderson15th April 2019

Change is coming to OpenCRM

We’ve made the decision to move our whole infrastructure to a new location. Click to read more about where we’re moving and why....

by Danny Plumb18th March 2019
Customise Customer Journey

Customise Your Customer Journey

If only there was a foolproof textbook or website or tutorial that outlined “the perfect customer journey”! Every business owner would just need to spend a couple of hours reading and before you know it, each any every one of them will...

by Tom Chapman4th March 2019
CRM and Efficiency

CRM and Efficiency: Our 5 Time Saving Tips 

Here’s a sales pitch for you: CRM systems are great for making your business more efficient. Your data will be centralised and your processes will flow more smoothly; everything will just be better organised.   But how does...

by Ashley Tallyn25th February 2019
CRM and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and its Role in CRM

Small business, mid-market, enterprise, it doesn’t matter. Companies of all sizes are using software to improve their profitability and productivity every single day. Seriously, we are in the age of software. It helps companies gain...

by Open CRM18th February 2019
Perfect and Shorten Sales Cycle

How to Perfect (and Shorten) Your Sales Cycle

I’ve been a salesman since I stumbled into it in my early twenties. I’d been a professional musician, travelling around Europe, having the time of my life. Then I had my first child and realised that I really needed something a little...

by Graham Anderson12th February 2019
CRM Case Study Robop
CRM Marketing Context

Keeping Your Marketing Context-Relevant

If you are making the most of your CRM software, you can fill it to the brim with valuable information about your stakeholders. Prospects, current and former clients, consultants, suppliers, acquaintances – all business partners...

by Tom Chapman5th February 2019
Google CRM

What happens when you Google CRM?

We’ve all done it. You’re starting your search off for a new product (or are having no luck finding something with your more precise search terms) so you go for broke and just Google the main topic. This tends not to be very helpful...

by Ashley Tallyn21st January 2019
CRM Integration

What are the benefits of a CRM Integration?

CRM systems are great (yes, I’m a bit biased) and when used to their full potential, can help you streamline and organise every aspect of your business. But even acknowledging how great CRM systems are (yes, I’m going to keep saying...

by Graham Anderson14th January 2019
CRM Strategy

CRM Strategy: Your 4-Step Approach

When you adopt a CRM system, you really need to think about your CRM strategy. Just as with many things in life, when you get a new idea buzzing around in your head or a nice new tool at your disposal it is very easy to get carried...

by Tom Chapman8th January 2019
AI and the Future of CRM

AI and the Future of CRM

Although he goes into it in more depth in another blog, our MD has written an article about the role Artificial Intelligence plays (and will play) in the CRM industry. This article explores the claims some providers make when it comes...

by Open CRM7th January 2019
Less Annoying CRM

Finding a Less Annoying CRM in 3 Simple Steps

CRM should work FOR your business, but too often the lack of customisation means that people end up having to jump through hoops and use unfamiliar technology (with new terminology), which just confuses everyone. This ends up frankly...

by Ashley Tallyn2nd January 2019
Hidden Costs of CRM

How to factor “hidden costs” into your CRM budget

How do you work out how much your CRM is going to cost, and how do you account for hidden costs?  This may sound like a simple task, but the truth is often you cannot really calculate the full cost until you are well down the road...

by Open CRM17th December 2018

5 Things To Consider For Your Charities CRM

Whilst many of us consider a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to be predominantly for the use of private sector businesses, when you break down the requirements, charity and not-for-profit organisations can also benefit...

by James Elliot4th December 2018
CRM Manager

Finding The Right CRM Manager

Getting a new CRM system embedded in your business usually has a fairly black or white outcome – either it works or it doesn’t! Often the reason for a project failure is not necessarily down to the software or your...

by Tom Chapman23rd November 2018

6 Tips to Better Assess Your Prospect’s Needs

If you frequent the OpenCRM blog, you will have seen a post from us recently discussing tips to succeed in B2B sales. It’s a tricky discipline and one which is undoubtedly harder than its B2C counterpart, but with the right tools is...

by Graham Anderson5th November 2018
Great Business Software

What Makes a Great Business Software

We all know the kinds of software we like using, whether it is something for personal use or business. There are a lot of elements that are involved with making software and if you get just one wrong, it can make a big difference to...

by Open CRM29th October 2018
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