3 Ways to Make Your Day Go Faster

4 Feb 2015

This is the time of year when we all start looking forward to longer nights, warmer weather and/or getting away to some warmer climate for a spring break. Remembering what it is like to be walking down a warm beach is a distant memory clouded over by snowy blizzards, icy roads and dark, dark evenings.

Although a good cloud hosted CRM solution won’t book your flights or actually fast-forward through the next few months, it will help your days to go past quicker and more efficiently. Here are 3 ways a CRM system will help your day go faster:

1. Activities – I am the kind of person who loves to be busy. The Calendar and Activities modules are a great way that I can keep track of my workload and make sure I have well-balanced amount of work to get through per day. I hate clock watching, and this is what happens if I find myself with not enough Tasks to do.

2. Streamlined Processes – No matter what department you work in, be it Sales, Project Management, Accounting or Support, OpenCRM has the tools to help streamline your work processes. By working more efficiently, you can stay focussed and not find yourself waiting around for that next email to come in, sales order to be signed off or meeting to take place.

3. Reports – If you find your day is not filling up like you may want, or that maybe things are just too stressful and you are hitting a wall of chaos; you can run some Reports to see why the balance may be out. By seeing an overview of what is happening when and why, you should be able to analyse any problems and find solutions easily.

A decent CRM system should provide you with a selection of Time Management tools; which should, in turn, help your days flow more smoothly and even appear to go faster.