5 Days of Funny: Bailey the Ballerina

10 Mar 2015

This week we are having fun and raising funds thanks to the Red Nose Day campaign. We’re running a different competition each day and today’s theme is pets in funny costumes or doing funny things.

I recently adopted a second cat: Mango. He’s a big fluffy 4 year old ginger cat who reminds me a lot of Garfield apart from the fact that Mango does not love lasagne. He does, however, hate Mondays or any day I have to get out of bed before he is ready.

Loki, my first love, whom I have had since he was a kitten, it turning two soon. I always figured pet birthday celebrations were a little bit silly, but this year to celebrate, I purchased a bowtie which he seems to really enjoy. Thanks to Loki’s black and white coat, it makes him look very dapper.

Cat in Bowtie

What do your pets do that make you laugh? The internet seems full of people dressing up their pets or even just watching them do strange pet things. Have you ever tried putting your dogs in dinosaur costumes or maybe a crazy costume on your cat?