5 Days of Funny: Who’s that Kid?

11 Mar 2015

As much as I’m enjoying looking through the funny and embarrassing childhood pictures of my colleagues, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that my most memorable childhood moment wasn’t caught on camera…or video for that matter.

I couldn’t believe it. Nicky, the absolute coolest kid in my class was coming to my house for tea after school. My house! I tidied my room up and made sure the little kid toys were hidden well out of sight. After an excruciatingly long day at school at last it was home time. My mum picked us up and I made sure that everyone could see whose house Nicky was visiting.

We got back to mine and immediately we starting talking the important stuff, like riding bikes. At this point I had not been able to ride a bike for very long but bravado got the better of me, and I pointed up to the top of the road. I can ride my bike down that I announced proudly. Nicky looked at me – as if I would be able to ride my bike down the ridiculously steep hill?!? Yes no problem, in fact I can do it one handed! At which point he started to look impressed with me-

– wow I was up there at the top of the class! All I had to do was ride down the steep hill … one handed.

Well as soon as I started flying down the hill, the handlebars went into a crazy wobble and there was no way I could control the bike. Seconds later I was a bleeding mess in the middle of the road! So Nicky ended up eating fishfingers and beans on his own, as I got black stitches put into my chin. The next day at school should have been my crowning glory but there I was, with a straggly bit of thread hanging off my face, and not even a dinner with the cool kids to show for it!

So I learnt a valuable lesson the hard way, and that is that if someone asks me to do something I really cannot do, then I’m not too proud to ask for help, or admit that I’ve reached my limits. This helps me make the most of the great people around me whether at work or at home, and ensures that the group strengths are a resource that everyone benefits from.

I’m sure we’ve all had to learn things the hard way and here’s hoping that with money raised on Red Nose Day helps future generations experience the ups and downs of growing up, without additional burdens of poverty, disease or hunger.