5 Days of Funny

19 Mar 2015

This year for Red Nose Day, we decided that one day of silliness simply wasn’t enough for us—we needed a whole week: The OpenCRM 5 Days of Funny was born!

We had a different competition for each day that gave people the chance to submit jokes, funny pet photos, embarrassing childhood pics, a video of a Monty Python-esque silly walk, and then culminating in a Friday Festival of Funny Faces.

It was a giggle-filled week that raised £117 for Comic Relief. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed participating in a charity event that reaches such a wide audience.

Visit our blog to see what we have been saying about our Red Nose Day.

Who are we doing this for?

Every two years, the Comic Relief charity encourages people to step outside their comfort zone and embrace their silly side by participating in Red Nose Day. All this hilarity is done in an effort to raise money that to help thousands of people living across Africa and the UK.

Comic Relief use the far-reaching impact that celebrity can have to raise awareness about these issues and to encourage people from all walks of life to get involved with an organisation on a truly international scale.

They work by providing grants to local projects that help to give people the tools they need to

  • Improve vulnerable young people’s lives
  • Tackle financial poverty
  • Reduce violence, abuse, and exploitation
  • Build stronger communities
  • Ensure people overcome inequality