Y3P: 5 Reasons Why People Matter

10 Jun 2015

We’ve all had those days where are heads are down, our focus is on meeting that day’s sales target or just getting through that relentless to do list.

But even on those days (maybe especially on those days)it is important to remember that people matter.

The people around you – be they your siblings, parents, colleagues or even the person serving you your morning paper – sometimes need a little attention. We all need maintenance. We need a refresh, a kind word or two, a little motivation or confidence boost; we basically sometimes just need each other.

I am a bit of socialite. I have organised many of our staff socials, mixing our teams of management, developers and sales, so they let off some steam and come up for air. So when Tom and I had the idea to put on the Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge in support of Papyrus, it was a no brainer, I was totally game.

The aims of this event were to quite simply have fun and support a great cause.

What I have come to appreciate, though, is the other unexpected benefits I have seen emerge within the business:

1. Team spirit – There have been ups and downs in the training walks, but we have completed these together.

2. Activity – People are doing more. People are walking to work more or to the shop at lunchtime. #WalkThisMay

3. Community – Not only are our staff members bonding but we are also bringing along our peers to these walks; creating a connection to the communities we are all part of.

4. Human side – We are promoting the fact we are a company with a heart. Through our website and mail outs, we have reached out to people with a stronger, human message than just straight business.

5. Social Responsibility – Above all else we are raising awareness of how people matter. We are promoting Papyrus and by encouraging a positive activity like this investing in our own personal health and wellbeing.

With only three days to go nerves are high, but my message and focus is clear, let’s go and have some fun and support a great cause, because people matter. #saveyounglives