5 Stops on the Rock’n’Roll Ride to CRM Stardom

23 Jun 2011

CRM on the rock’n’roll tour bus, you must be joking right?

Well why not?! Most rock musicians will spend half of the long journeys on a tour bus sat in front of the laptop nowadays would you believe. There is only so much fan mail  you can read (we won’t go into details about what else takes place on the tourbus) and even after taking care of your twitter posts and emails from your manager, your girlfriend and your grandma you still have 5 hours to go until the next soundcheck. Why not spend some of this time on your cloud-based CRM solution? Let’s have a look at a couple of modules that can help you truly rock:

  1. Contacts – obvious really, you can keep the contact details for your management, your road crew, PR and press associates, as well as the name of the experts working for all your favourite music shops across the world
  2. Companies – as well as your record label you have the publishers, the agents, the recording studios and the best clubs and stadiums information stored here.
  3. Activities – it’s a good job you have your activities listed in your CRM solution or you may have forgotten that radio session before the show tomorrow.
  4. Projects – working on the next album or a brand new stage production becomes a lot easier when the job is broken down into activities that are held together as a Project.
  5. Campaigns – want to beat Simon Cowell or whatever Facebook campaign to the next Christmas number one? Easy*, just get the right marketing, promotional and advertising machine underway and you’re halfway there!

Sales Pitch: OpenCRM provides all the tools necessary to provide rockstars and companies in the entertainments industry with a 360 degree overview of your business past present and future. And if you’re in our favourite band, you might even get a discount.

* Note: Using OpenCRM does not guarantee you a Christmas number one. Sorry.