A Brew With…Dan Elson, Future Generations Disposal

6 Aug 2015

This month we are talking to Dan Elson, Operations Director at Future Generations Disposals, who has used OpenCRM since he first launched his business in Essex four years ago.

Tell me a little bit about your business?
We are an IT disposal company working with firms who have redundant IT products, either because the equipment is faulty, old or surplus to requirement. Our IT recycling and disposal solutions ensure our customers know that their old equipment has been disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

When did you start working with OpenCRM and what attracted you to the system?
I have been in the industry for almost 14 years and with my previous company I came across OpenCRM by chance and really enjoyed working with them.

When I started out on my own, one of the first things I did was get in touch with Graham and the team to discuss using an OpenCRM system. We have been really lucky that from day one we have been able to use a stock system which doesn’t break the bank. It has been a massive help and allowed us to work as efficiently as possible.

How has OpenCRM changed your business?
The great thing about OpenCRM is the flexibility – we have been able to evolve our system as we have grown as a business, which has been brilliant.

There are so many products out there which are big fancy systems but you get what you are given, there isn’t that control element that we have with OpenCRM.

We have tailored our system so we have something that works for us but we are able to change certain elements as and when we need to.

What would you tell your friends/customers about OpenCRM? Would you recommend them?
I would absolutely recommend OpenCRM and have done on previous occasions.

I am a big fan of OpenCRM and I think it’s because I fully understand what the system is capable of. I think it’s really important for customers to invest the time in learning about the system and knowing what it can do.

We have made so many unusual requests to the team at OpenCRM and they have been great in helping us to tailor our system. It’s probably so far from what the product was intended to be used for, but it does it so well.