A Brew With…BEST Energy Saving Technology

24 Feb 2016

This month we are talking to Lee Donnelly, general manager at BEST Energy Saving Technology. Based in Cornwall, BEST designs and manufactures energy savings products.

Tell me a little bit about BEST?

Best Energy Saving Technology design and manufactures a range of energy monitoring and energy saving products and services.

We have a fresh, holistic approach to energy efficiency and want to be the leader in providing innovative energy saving solutions in our market place. We are based in the South West of England, in Cornwall, but we are an international business with partners all over the world.

When did you start working with OpenCRM and what attracted you to the system?

We have been working with OpenCRM for a year. We had a number of in-house platforms but I was given the task of bringing all of those together in one CRM system.

I did some market research into the options available and in the end OpenCRM was the closet match to what we needed.

We knew we wanted a specific range of features that were important for our business – we wanted something that could track all of our leads as we do a lot of digital marketing, full opportunity management, Partner and Client management, order processing activities and integration to our finance system.

OpenCRM ticked all our boxes.

How has OpenCRM changed your business?

The implementation of the system is still on-going – with a range of systems it has taken some time to migrate over to the one CRM system but we are finally getting there and it’s an invaluable resource.

We are also a rapidly growing business and with this we have had to keep making changes to our system to keep up with demand.

What would you tell your friends/customers about OpenCRM? Would you recommend them?

I would recommend them. With anything there have been some teething issues, but the system does what it’s supposed to do and the team at OpenCRM are excellent.