A Brew With…Matt Stimpson, Thirsty Work

28 Jan 2016

This month we are talking to Matt Stimpson, director at Thirsty Work, a leading provider of water cooler and drinking solutions based in the South West. Launched 18 years ago, the company offers a range of bottle and mains fed water coolers, water fountains, water boilers, and three-way filtered taps.

Tell me a little bit about Thirsty Work?
Thirsty Work is the leading provider of water coolers and boiler provider to businesses across the South West. We are based in Devon and offer a full service to our customers – installing the product as well as delivering a servicing programme to ensure everything is in correct working order.

When did you start working with OpenCRM and what attracted you to the system?
We have been working with OpenCRM for about two years and we were referred to them by another contact. We were looking for something like OpenCRM and we had an initial conversation with the team and never looked back.

How has OpenCRM changed your business?
It’s allowed us to consolidate lots of mini spreadsheets and documents and put everything in one place. We have more transparency – sales are up, as is customer interaction. It’s been such a positive change and we couldn’t be without it now.

We were just saying the other day that it would be horrendous to go back to the way we were before.

What would you tell your friends/customers about OpenCRM? Would you recommend them?
Absolutely. From the development side I was really impressed with the support the team provides – they really understand what the issues are and are quick to offer solutions.

As well as being great at providing support, they are also very good at educating and being able to explain the processes over the phone. I quite like to understand how something works so I can then attempt to solve it myself next time – the team at OpenCRM are happy to give you the answer and explain it to you. This gives me confidence that I am able improve my knowledge of the system and move it forward to ensure the needs of the business are being met.

I can’t praise them highly enough.