A Career in IT

13 Aug 2015

It’s the biggest growing industry, and with UK employment in the Tech industry set to rise by another 5.4 per cent by 2020, have you considered a career in technology?

From coding to design, software to hardware, more niches and areas of employment in this sector are emerging than ever before. and it’s not all just in London, did you know that, according to new research by Tech City, 74 per cent of tech businesses based outside of the Capital? (1)

The industry has made leaps and bounds since I started more than 25 years ago and it’s set to keep growing. I could never have imagined this is what I would be doing when I first started out, so who knows where the industry might be in another 25 years?

What’s brilliant about working in this sector is this constant evolution. It keeps us all on our toes and excited for the next big innovation.

For the younger generation especially, there is so much interest in computers and technology, but too many simply aren’t aware of the career opportunities in this sector and how to properly utilise those skills they’ve honed in their leisure time just messing about with a computer.

That’s why we’ve launched our first ever internship programme at OpenCRM, a scheme offered to young people aged between 16 and 21. We want to offer people the chance to gain some real skills and experience in a working, tech-environment.

Another great thing about the tech industry is that, regardless of background, if you have enough interest and the right skills, you can succeed.

Further education isn’t for everyone and in this industry, practical experience and well-developed skills can be just as important. This is why any young person can apply for this placement – all they need is enthusiasm and an appetite to learn!

To apply, we are simply asking applicants to answer one question – why do you want to be an intern at OpenCRM?

The answer, full contact details and a short bio should be emailed intern@opencrm.co.uk.

Good luck to all applicants and we look forward to welcoming and nurturing the latest recruits into this exciting industry!

1. Wauters, R. (2015). 74% of digital companies in the UK are based outside of London. Tech.eu. Retrieved 6 August 2015, from http://tech.eu/features/3905/from-tech-city-to-tech-nation-report/