A Little Update on the OpenCRM Team

29 Aug 2017

How’s it going? Busy, huh? Us too.

Like you, our team has been busy getting on with the day to day necessities of running a business and then spending our weekends getting out and about. There have been a few holidays lately as well, which always makes life interesting (both inside and outside the office).

But aside from that, we’ve got three pretty big bits of news that we wanted to share with you.

Technically Tying the Knot

We were all very excited a couple weeks ago when our technical director (and one of the founders of OpenCRM) got married. Sadly not everyone on the team was able make it, but it was a beautiful wedding and a great party.

Such a great party, in fact, that no one is entirely clear on the details!

So congratulations to the happy couple and many happy returns, from the whole team here at OpenCRM!

Kick Starting Sales

Following the announcement of a wedding, we’ve got to share the news of some new arrivals.

No, not those kind of new arrivals! They’ve only just got married for goodness sake. 😉

But we are getting ready to welcome two new members to our sales and marketing team. So get ready to hear some new voices on the phone, because we’ll be aiming to get them up and running as soon as possible.

A Wee Hop Down the Road

And finally, an update for the whole of OpenCRM: we’re moving!!

That’s right, we’re shifting our offices a whopping 0.2 miles. According to Google, it will take an eye-watering 3 minutes to walk from our current office to the new one.

So why are we making such a miniscule move? Part of it comes down to space (we always need more of it) and part of it comes down to a better layout for us as a team. (I also think the bigger kitchen is a huge improvement, but that’s just me.)


That’s our exciting news for the past (and coming) weeks, so how are things going for you?