A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama!

8 Aug 2014

OpenCRM has many software integration options. Like goods on a ship passing through a canal, data can be passed easily from one software to another, keeping in sync, so different teams within a workforce can have the up to date information they need, when and where they need it. Be it emails, calendars, contact details, web forms, accounts, we have many ways to help make you’re use of information more streamlined and efficient. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these integration possibilities.

With that is mind, did you know that it is now 100 years since first ship sailed through the Panama Canal? Now I am not flippantly comparing the amazing feat of the Panama Canal to CRM integration, but it does flow on quite nicely! No, this is more of a salute / excuse to write about something that I respect and admire which I hope interests you too.

The mission to build the Panama Canal began in 1881, by the French government, however after much illness and fatalities, they sold the project to the USA about a decade and a half later. The USA spent the next decade building the 77 kilometer, elevated lock system which cost over $600 million and over 25,000 lives to build.

Back then, the availability of healthcare to prevent illness break outs like Malaria and Yellow Fever were next to nothing, this meant that to be able to succeed in a project like this was always going to be a risky and arguably, horrendous venture. But, by creating an easy passage between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Panama Canal mission has made journeys between the oceans shorter, safer, more economical, and much more efficient.

This is certainly a brilliant achievement in terms of organization and determination, so Happy Centenary Panama Canal!