A Truly Great Achievement

28 Apr 2015

It is incredible how most days I am inspired by the great achievements completed by the remarkable people I read about in the news. A few months ago, I was impressed by yet another technological innovation from Apple, the Apple Watch and before that, the European Space Agency’s incredible Rosetta Mission.

This month, I have been following the absolutely gob-smacking race untaken by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. At the respectable age of 71, he has become the oldest Briton to complete the Marathon des Sables, a 159 mile run across the Sahara desert. In doing so, he has raised a mighty £1 million for the amazing cancer charity, Marie Curie.

As an amateur runner, the thought of going for a run on one of the lovely Northern coastal beaches, near where I am fortunate to live seems a good challenge, but actually running the equivalent of just over six marathons, in a desert, just seems impossible.

This is how I felt about my 10k I completed back in December, and I think how some of my colleagues are feeling about the Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge we will be doing this June. But really this is an example that goes to show, anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

No excuses team Y3P!