A Very OpenCRM Christmas Party

15 Dec 2014

We had our office Christmas party on Friday…it was quite the event. The evening started out with an epic battle of wits, fought on a laser-tag battleground. After several hours of the most intense laser-fuelled warfare ever waged by a CRM company, no clear winner could be seen, the Data Dragons and Server Sharks had, against all odds, fought to a draw.

When the smoke had cleared from the first battle, the Data Dragons had emerged victorious. Spurred on by the early loss, however, the Server Sharks delivered crushing defeats in the next two engagements. The final fight, however, was a victory by the Dragons .

Due to the vicious nature of the fighting, the meal that followed could have been a tense, bitter affair, but all participates felt that the time had come for peace. Crackers were shared between members of opposing teams in the true spirit of reconciliation.

The whole evening was planned in secret (by Claire) and, although hints and clues were dropped starting back in November, the full details of the night were only revealed in full when we arrived on Friday morning.

You can imagine how tempting it would have been for all of us to peek at Claire’s planning Project. She kept all her communications with the restaurant and the laser tag company within the Project to make sure everything was all in the same place. The menu was saved as a Document to make it easy for her to email it to everyone. It was a masterful piece of planning…

…at least I assume, this is what she told me she did. I don’t actually know.

Not because I’m such a good person that I didn’t peek, but because she kept the Project and all the supplier Companies “private” so none of us could snoop.

It was probably better, the surprise of the evening was half the fun. The other half of the fun, of course, was doing battle against your office mates.