All Together Now

14 Jun 2013

You only have to be on the internet for seconds these days, before you see your first social media icon enticing you into a social online community. The social media site list is now endless, there are so many ways in which people are using modern internet based technology to communicate in new and slightly odd, but exciting ways.

Only yesterday I was reading a report on how individuals and businesses are using the relatively new social media Vine, and thinking to myself what a strange but wonderful concept. I often find myself somewhere beautiful wanting to share the moment, knowing that the phrase ‘you probably had to be there’ would pop up if I tried re-living it to anyone, and now there is a media in which you can do this, capture a short timed video of what you are seeing. Still in development stages, but a great concept. 

I read another article today about a business, called Quirky, which is helping inventors to see out their projects, by getting a social network of people together to help support both legally and economically the production of inventions. This seems to be a real community effort where they all pitch in and all get shares in the final product. 

This is only a couple of examples of the many great concepts within the social media network which are giving the world new and exciting ways to communicate what they are doing, what they are enjoying and what they are aspiring to do or be. Productivity can be increased in many areas thanks to being able to communicate quickly with a large amount of people. From a business point of view especially, these networks are clearly opening a lot of doors. By getting involved with social media, businesses can elevate their presence to a much larger market, which could prove invaluable to start ups and small businesses in particular.

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