All Together

20 Sep 2016

Over the last few weeks my colleagues have been giving you an insight in to how each department within OpenCRM functions, the key aspects of their roles and the processes they follow. Now it is my job to explain how all these processes and departments fit together to deliver you, our clients, a first class seat on our customer journey.

So, as Danny explained, most of the time it starts with a sales/account management call, to help us understand what you want and to make sure you get the system your business needs. Once these discussions have taken place, scope has been agreed, and a sales order has been signed, you will be transported over to the Projects team. We always have an internal handover meeting to make sure none of your requirements are missed out.

Now, over to Tom and our other dedicated project managers. From this point you and your system are in their very capable hands, they will carry out the work as agreed. If your project requires development of any kind, the developers will provide their expertise in creating the code that will make your widget blue or yellow, while liaising with the project manager regarding scope and functionality.

Well, if there weren’t enough fingers in the pie at this stage, your account manager will remain a part of the project and development phases, keeping an eye on the progress and ensuring that you, our client, get exactly what you asked for.

Once your project is complete and ready for sign off it will go through an internally sign off by our Operations Director prior to getting your customer seal of approval. With your new system or feature up and running, you’re steaming along with your OpenCRM system, until suddenly, you forget how to do something or you see an error message you don’t recognise. Luckily, our support team are only a phone call away and they will impart their technical know-how to smooth out any issues you may be experiencing. Support, as Lucinda explained, will work in conjunction with your account manager and/or the development team for those slightly trickier queries.

And, while support, sales, projects and the development team work away, there are also a small number of people working away behind the scenes that also have a hand in your journey with OpenCRM. The Admin tasks that are carried out on a daily basis as Ashley mentioned range from General office tasks to finance, marketing to analysis or data entry. It is all of these aspects of administration that keep our other departments ticking along.

So that’s how all those various working pieces of team OpenCRM come together to make a whole.

We like to think we work well as a team. For us this is what allows us to provide each and every one of our OpenCRM customers with a top class service and great customer experience.

The team members at OpenCRM operate with a high degree of independence, they share authority and responsibility for their own self-management, but are accountable for the overall performance and work closely towards the common goal—providing the best customer experience possible.

The team at OpenCRM is more than just a collection of employees, we have a strong sense of commitment to the company and our clients, and this creates synergy between the departments.

It was Henry Ford who said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” And this is very much the vision of our customer journey at OpenCRM.