Bike To Work Week

21 Jun 2017

You know the feeling when those annual events seem to come around much quicker than you can imagine? Well once again this year’s Bike To Work Week has been, gone and ridden off into the sunset although it only feels like a couple of months since the last one!

As in previous years, a bunch of the team here exchanged four wheels for two a couple of times this week. There are plenty of positive reasons behind such a scheme – for us I think it was the combination of doing something healthy, and taking part in a bigger occasion together.

I’ve been thinking that it is good to take part in an activity that draws people together that may not already associate on a daily basis, however it also made me recognise that as an organisation, we are not as compartmentalised as you might initially think and that is largely down to some procedures we use to try and get everyone onto the same page.
We have salespeople, project managers, a support team and developers. These are fairly distinct departments that each fulfill a certain role in the organisation. Although by and large you would expect them to operate independently, they form cogs of one and the same machine and help keep the wheels turning.

Throughout the sales journey and beyond, the teams need to work together and communicate. When a salesperson brings a new client on board, project managers and support need to know what that customer’s needs are likely to be. If development work is involved, projects and developers need to be in tune with one another – so the one team can do the testing and communication with the client, whilst the devs retreat to the lab and make the magic happen.

Throughout the process, the helpdesk team need to be on the ball, as they need to be aware of any new work added to the system, to be in a position to assist and offer help when questions from clients come in. Similarly the projects and sales teams can share their knowledge of the new features with customers who might be interested in broadening their use of OpenCRM.

Whether we’re riding on two wheels, having a catch up in the kitchen with someone or attending a bigger meeting, our internal communication means we are all on the same page and kept up-to-date with the latest exciting additions to the world of OpenCRM.