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16 July 2019

Enhancement to Mail Chimp integration You can now send additional information from a Lead, Contact, or Company when syncing from OpenCRM to Mailchimp. This includes mapping information from different modules (i.e. Contacts and Leads)...

by Open CRM15th July 2019
CRM Case Study Robop
Life without CRM

Life without CRM

Sends chills down your spine doesn’t it? Well it does for our MD who imagines what his life here at OpenCRM would be like without CRM....

by Graham Anderson17th June 2019
Basic CRM

A Basic CRM System – is that so much to ask?

When you read the words “basic CRM”, you may think this is referring to a back-to-the-roots system with that offers you a simple business software solution and nothing more. Well in a sense you’d be right, but only partially. You see,...

by Tom Chapman28th May 2019
CRM Training Matrix

Your CRM Training Matrix

Managing the configuration and training for your CRM system is something that deserves careful consideration. In order to help you work out which areas of training you should focus on, we have designed our own CRM Training Matrix. As...

by Tom Chapman29th April 2019
CRM Packages

What CRM packages do you need?

A lot of CRM providers bundle the various elements of their product into smaller packages that you have to buy separately. So how do you know which one(s) you need?...

by Ashley Tallyn23rd April 2019
CRM Online

A hidden benefit of keeping your CRM online

When you talk about going with an online CRM system, people always start with discussions of flexibility and global access. They will probably also throw in comments about security. This blog explores a different benefit....

by Graham Anderson15th April 2019

Change is coming to OpenCRM

We’ve made the decision to move our whole infrastructure to a new location. Click to read more about where we’re moving and why....

by Danny Plumb18th March 2019
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