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When working remotely or on the road, Notifications are a great way of keeping your team in the loop when you have fulfilled certain tasks or when you need someone to pick up a job for you. This video looks at a few different ways in which notifications can be triggered automatically or ran manually with OpenCRM

If you are storing business and private email addresses for your Contacts, this video shows you how you can opt to use one or the other (or both) when sending emails from OpenCRM.

When you are curating lists of names and addresses in OpenCRM you can easily output these in a manner that allows you to print address labels for any mailouts or physical marketing campaigns

This short video demonstrates how you can chain Jotforms together. By doing so you can auto-populate details from the first form into the other. Using the integration with OpenCRM this data can then be pushed into the CRM system for you to manage the next steps.