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Customer Success

What Is Customer Success?

If you ask anyone at OpenCRM who or what is Customer Success – they are likely to point you in my direction, as the Customer Success Manager. That’s right, I get to write a blog post all about myself today! Egos aside,...

by Tom Chapman6th February 2020
SMS messages

SMS Messaging and Other Communications

Businesses today have an overwhelming choice when it comes to communicating with clients. Face to face, telephone, live chat, SMS messaging, webforms. email – the choice is endless. You tend to pick the form most...

by Tom Chapman13th January 2020

The OpenCRM Christmas Cuisine Conundrum

The Christmas Cuisine Conundrum.  Well…well…well. Here we are again. It doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since the man in a red suit last paid us a visit, yet here we are. The time for presents and a giant turkey feast is...

by Jack Smith23rd December 2019
Change Log Update Arrows

10 December 2019

We’ve got a bundle of great new features and enhancements in this latest update. Our team has been busy building on our existing integrations, adding a few extra bits to our import functionality, and spending some time tweaking...

by Open CRM10th December 2019

Online CRM vs an Offline Solution

It may come as a shock to some of you/ us, but the whole world is not exclusively dependent on an online CRM! There are (still) thousands of individuals and businesses that lead perfectly happy lives without accessing the internet,...

by Tom Chapman9th December 2019
CRM like a house blog image

Turning your (CRM) House into a Home

Choosing and implementing a CRM is a bit like buying and moving into a new house. In today’s blog post we’re going to explore this process of starting your journey with your new CRM house. Let’s look at a fresh CRM install and consider...

by Tom Chapman11th November 2019
Deep End of CRM

Diving into the deep end of CRM

Looking for a new CRM is not an easy thing to do. Never dive into the deep end! It needs time. It needs patience. But are the rewards well worth it?....Find out now....

by Jack Smith21st October 2019
Purchase of CRM Software

What is the Real Purpose of CRM Software

For today’s blog post, I’m going to approach the above question from a different perspective. Normally this type of post talks about how software can help your business, but today I’m going to say that the real purpose of CRM...

by Tom Chapman7th October 2019