Breaking the Mould!

1 Sep 2015

At OpenCRM, our product does sell itself to a certain extent, but just like any other market leading product it needs a little help. That’s where the OpenCRM sales team come in, which includes myself.

However are we surefire salespeople? My automatic response would be an unequivocally NO!

We don’t fit the typical salesperson mould – most of us don’t have a sales background so we’re not aggressive.

OpenCRM sales staff quash that stereotype of a typical salesperson. For a start we don’t sell used cars. We are not greedy or pushy. We are not driven by money and are not raving egomaniacs. We are not annoying and are not ignorant to our customers’ needs. and we don’t talk too much, well maybe that one is not strictly true.

Having said that, the Managing Director must have seen something in us as we are all fully fledged members of the OpenCRM sales team.


What was it that shone through during our interview that landed us mere mortals sales role?

I believe it had more to do with our personalities than previous sales experience (or lack of it). What we are is a group of individuals who live and breathe the CRM product we sell. We are modest and humble (if I can boast about that?). We are conscientious and feel responsible for results. We are achievement driven – no matter how small. We care about our customers and their needs and are always ready to listen and advise.

OpenCRM sales staff – like the product we so lovingly sell – are a one off. So if you have experienced bad customer management or been subject to a salesperson who treats you as a statistic and not a human, then pick up the phone and call us. We will lift the weight from your shoulders by solving your CRM needs with a system tailored to your business – dealing with our sales staff will be like a breath of fresh air.

Call us, what have you got to lose?