Business Super Hero of the Month: Elon Musk

21 May 2015

May’s #BusinessSuperhero goes the ultimate entrepreneur, Elon Musk, the engineer, inventor, and investor. On his lengthy CV are the following titles: founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, chairman of SolarCity, as well as co-founder of both Tesla Motors and PayPal Inc. – phew, what a list.

Elon has been picked as our business superhero for May because, out of all the current entrepreneurs, I’d say he is the best example of somebody who defines entrepreneurship. He helped build PayPal and, when it sold, he didn’t retire but focused on solving bigger problems with Tesla Motors and SpaceX to solve our dependence on oil and gain access to affordable space travel. He is a true business superhero.

Elon decoded his first computer at the age of 12, after this he gained degrees in Physics, Economics and advances Physics. Because you know the first time is never enough. He made his first few millions at just 28. Now at the age of 43, he’s worth more than $15billion. But lets not just talk about the money, he’s been a pioneer and innovator for many, some of his most career highlights includes:

  • SpaceX wins contract to deliver resources and cargo to the International Space Station and becomes the largest private producer of rocket motors in the world
  • Tesla starts deliveries on the first all electric Model S vehicle
  • Designs and starts process for Hyperloop – the innovative high speed transportation system
  • Elon has donated tens of millions to charities across the world, from tsunami funds to the investment of science centres, his philanthropy work is a true representation of a humanitarian entrepreneur

Not forgetting his guest appearance on The Simpsons episode titled “The Musk Who Fell to Earth” playing himself. You know you’ve made it when you become a Simpson character.

Do you agree with our #BusinessSuperhero for May? Who would be your chosen one for next month?

We are all about sharing the love at OpenCRM so each month we are going to be shouting about one individual in particular, who we feel is a true business superhero. They might have help turn a business around, supported a local charity or they could be changing their industry on a global level, it’s here where we will share why we think this person deserves to be crowned our #BusinessSuperhero.