Business Super Hero of the Month: Richard Branson

12 Nov 2015

Entrepreneurship will be celebrated around the globe later this month – Global Entrepreneurship Week is dedicated to the success of creative individuals and companies who have taken an idea and ran with it. In the spirit of this celebration, we wanted to applaud the achievements of one man who is arguably the most successful businessman of our time. 

Sir Richard Branson really needs no introduction. The list of companies he has been involved in is immense but here is a quick rundown – Virgin Trains, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media, Virgin Records, Virgin Galactic and Virgin Care and breathe. 

Born in London’s Blackheath, Richard struggled with dyslexia throughout his education and on his last day of school his headmaster told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. Neither is actually true as his estimated net worth is in the region of $5 Billion according to the Forbes’ Rich List – but who are we to argue. 

With two very supportive parents, a young Branson decided to launch a business in the late 1960s selling records for considerably less than high street stores – it was an overnight success. The name Virgin actually came from one of his employees at the time as they were all so new to the business game, that none of them really knew what they were doing. 

In the years that followed, this successful and staggeringly busy man also managed to continue his personal development and maintain a strong family life. Richard took on several world record attempts and supported a variety of humanitarian causes important to him. He also married his partner Joan in 1989 and in early 2015 he became a grandfather – welcoming three grandchildren in just two months. 

Like all good businessmen he admits that not everything has been plain sailing and his autobiographies and interviews depict a man who cares deeply about what he does in life. 

A truly remarkable career for a man who at the age of 65 is certainly not done yet – he has yet to conquer space, amongst other things, but with his passion and determination never failing him yet I don’t imagine that will be long off.