Business Super Hero of the Month: Chad Hurley

30 Jul 2015

Ten years since it was founded, it’s difficult to think of another innovation that’s created as big a revolution in technology as YouTube.

As one of the three founders, and later its CEO and adviser, Chad Hurley became an overnight millionaire and a #BusinessSuperhero when YouTube went viral in 2005. It was a phenomenon and no one was surprised when it was then bought by Google a year later for a staggering $1.65 billion.

Beginning as a solution to a personal problem of sharing videos with friends and family, YouTube now heralds a diverse video archive and has become a global venue of expression. Achieving video views of more than four billion a day, YouTube is the world’s third most visited website and earns $4 billion a year in revenue.

But YouTube isn’t the only impact our #BusinessSuperhero has made in the tech world – before the revolution that was YouTube, Hurley worked at eBay and helped co-found the internet payment service, PayPal. He’s even responsible for designing PayPal’s logo!

His other ventures include a fashion line, Hlaska, the website Zeen which enables people to produce their own magazines online, and MixBit. Started with fellow YouTube founder Steve Chen in 2013, MixBit is a video-sharing and editing service for mobile devices, which hopes to rival Vine and Instagram.

A busy man, then.

Estimated to be worth about $355 million, Hurley’s insurmountable success and influence is phenomenal. We can’t wait to see where his ventures go next.