Business Superhero: Zaha Hadid

14 Apr 2016

This month we knew that our business superhero could only go to one person, the amazing Dame Zaha Hadid, who very sadly passed away last month.

Zaha Hadid was an extraordinary architect, you only have to look at her company’s website to see that her vision and ability were truly unique and that the world of architecture will sorely miss her influence.

As the first woman recipient of both the RIBA Gold Medal in 2016 and the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, Hadid proved to the entire industry that she was a force to be reckoned with and a true revolutionary.

Regarded as the greatest woman architect all of time, Hadid had a serious love for architectural geometry, with many people recognising the expressive, fluid forms in her design. This trademark style in the buildings she designed earned her the title of the ‘Queen of Curve’. You can see this exceptional and beautiful style in two of her most iconic structures, China’s Opera House and London’s Olympic Aquatic Centre.

All the above would have singled Hadid out as being worth of anyone’s Business Superhero moniker, but her example goes further than just her eye for design and the awards she won. As a member of a profession steeped in a complex blend of tradition, innovation, and fashion, Zaha brought a new vision to the industry and then, after achieving renown, refused to stand still as an architect, continuing to build and invent new ways of looking at buildings.

She created so much memorable and hugely influential work throughout her profession, her passion and pursuit of innovation gives us an example we should all try to follow. She put her heart and soul into everything she did and then pushed herself to achieve even more with her next project. Known in the industry for her wisdom, kindness and patience. It’s this drive, dedication, and determination, which we can all learn from.

In the words of Professor Stuart Bartholomew, principal and vice chancellor of the Arts University Bournemouth:

“In every sense she was a visionary designer whose legacy proves what can be done to produce buildings which are inspirational as well as functional.

“It is a matter of great sadness that the world of architecture has lost one of its brightest stars.”


RIP Dame Zaha Hadid: 1950 – 2016