Campaigning for Sales

3 Aug 2011

The Campaigns module is the ideal home for your marketing strategy.  You can filter and sort your records – leads, contacts and companies to set up the group of people best suited to your next marketing campaign.

When you have established your target audience you are able to send emails directly from the Campaign itself – you can mail the entire group using one email. The next stage is to use the mechanisms built in to follow and evaluate the success of that marketing effort. Tracking bounced emails means you can accurately measure how many messages were actually delivered and which

were undelivered, and the click-through figure shows how many people have viewed your message by clicking on links within your email. Tracking those bounces is also an automated way of updating your contact details, as invalid email addresses will be marked as such.

You are also able to log any financial details of the Campaign right there. You can track the costs and check that against the revenue generated as it comes in at opportunity, quote and invoice stage.

A key point worth mentioning is that the Campaign you have created is targeted. You have used filters within your CRM solution to create a list of recipients appropriate to the message you are putting across. This saves time for both you and your clients – you are sending mails to customers you think are interested in the message so you stand a real chance of capturing their imagination and gaining their business. For the client, the mail they receive will be of relevance to them and is likely to be picked up on and read rather than sent straight to trash.

To briefly summarise, a Campaign is a place in your CRM solution where you can store details of that campaign, the marketing tools used such as a good looking email template complete with relevant hyperlinks, and a list of the recipients, all grouped together.

Sales Pitch: OpenCRM’s Campaigns module is a place for you to create, send and record details of a marketing campaign. The related modules for contacts, emails and transactions are all linked and help build up a complete picture of the Campaign throughout OpenCRM.