Can’t buy me LOVE

13 Feb 2015

As I am sure you are aware from reading my last blog post, I have put together a trilogy of posts to  discuss the key elements needed to build and maintain a strong, lasting relationship with your CRM system provider.

Here is the second ‘P’ for preventing potential problems and project pitfalls:

2. The Price

Money is debatably what drives each and every business forward. Therefore it is crucial to have an affordable contract with your CRM provider. We do recognise that this should not be the only reason for your decision to go with one system over another. Because, as everyone knows, you can’t buy love.

But, a CRM solution that doesn’t break the bank is a positive.

If the contract with a CRM provider is set at a sustainable rate, you will be able to work away on the implementation of your CRM system, maybe even purchasing extra Professional Service Time and Support tools, without needing to worry too much about the consequences on the balance sheet.

If you would like to see how our rates compare to others, please check out our Plans and Pricing pages on our website.