Can you be too invested?

10 Dec 2014

In business, like life, it’s all about relationships. The core aspect of a CRM is to manage those relationships. Where have you met? What do they like? How many times have you spoken?

Ever get those blank moments, where it seems like you are stuck in a storm and then all of the sudden the snow settles and there is silence? I’m waiting for the snow to settle. In the calm, you find strength.

When is that point where you need to take a step back and realise that the investment you put in, is not worth the return? How can you gauge that? How to do you gauge when to let go and when to keep pushing.

My colleague recently explained a personal relationship to me in business terms and I think the analogy makes perfect sense. When you want to make a sale, you invest time, you show your product, its benefits, its attributes and all the ideal qualities it can bring to your business. After that, the ball is in your client’s court. Their time, and their financial investment is then on the line. When and can they make that investment? That is your job to figure out, and process the information accordingly.

The goal is to be efficient and maximise your returns. As a rule, I invest a lot of time in energy in everything I do. I put the positivity out in the world to then let it come back to me. I track the efforts, calls, meetings and tasks related to clients in my system to then be able to report on just how much time I invest. I then look at the conversion, of my opportunities. Are the investments of time paying off? It’s a fine line to walk.

What I am learning is not to get upset about business that doesn’t convert. It’s nothing I can control, all I can do is learn from the experience and bring that new found knowledge to my new deals.

How do you track the return on your investments, whether it be time or money? Let’s talk about how you can do it on a cloud based CRM, give me a call!