“One key factor of OpenCRM was having the ability to pull and push data between OpenCRM and other applications.”

Richard Campagna


55 Redefined Success Story

The 55/Redefined group of companies is a social and economic enabler. They champion age diversity with a dynamic and disruptive voice for change across D2C, B2C and B2B markets and tackle different and damaging aspects of ageism.

55/Redefined help companies attract, engage, and retain over-50s talent and consumers. This is done through a B2B platform, https://work-redefined.co aimed at employers, a B2C membership platform for the modern over-50s  https://life-redefined.co as well as a job board for professional over-50s https://jobs-redefined.co.

When they came to us…

55/Redefined needed need to be able to track two different components of their business – members, and strategic partners.

Members are individuals looking for help in finding work, wanting financial services or looking to explore their personal goals. The members register their interest on a website and are fed with information relevant to their needs.

Strategic partners can be organisations who help members with recruitment, financial services etc.

The sales team at 55/Redefined also need to target those strategic partners with both one-off and recurring business opportunities.

From a relationship management point of view, the team needs to be able to quickly view and work with the various stakeholder groups.

Their Open CRM Solution

We decided that the logical place to store the different stakeholders would be in the Companies for partner organisations, and the Contacts module for members and partners themselves. The various groups are segmented using Tabs for clear visibility of each audience.

One key factor of OpenCRM was having the ability to pull and push data between OpenCRM and other applications.

The Member data originates from the 55 Redefined website. By using an API, they could easily retrieve the website data to import the members into OpenCRM automatically.

Members are brought in and tagged appropriately, which enables them to be easily identified for various marketing segments. The member interactions with the website are also brought into OpenCRM to give the team a complete picture of their member activities in one place.

OpenCRM’s native integration with MailChimp means that they can send targeted messages to different audiences.

The Opportunities module allows them to track the different services they offer to third parties, for example, job training or lifestyle advice. Reports mean that this data is readily available for analysis for the management team.

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