“One solution. One price. It made giving everything to all staff a simple decision.”

Andy Wilson

Abbey ITC

Abbey ICT Success Story

Established in 1992, the team at Abbey ICT provide their customers with close to 30 years’ experience in the IT and Telecoms industry. Based in the North West, they serve a customer base spread right across the UK: from the Scottish Highlands to the Channel Islands.

Abbey provide IT and Telecommunication solutions for companies of all sizes, in any industry. They have worked with high street printing franchises and pizza delivery businesses, as well as multiple site voice and data networks for national PLCs.

As an internet pioneer (they had a website way back in 1996!) and generally a technical team, Abbey ICT recognised that their use of ACT! just wasn’t working for them anymore, they had outgrown the product and were looking for an upgrade. Ideally one that would let them run a full technical customer service desk from the same place.

As a company with lots of moving parts, Andy and the rest of the management team needed a solution that would give them oversight of the whole process. As well as the ability to hold a lot of industry specific information and produce professional emails and other documents.

They found us.

Their Open CRM Solution

Above all, the team at Abbey wanted a single solution for the whole business.

OpenCRM provided this combined solution that could replace ACT!, while also giving them the tools they needed to deliver the highest quality customer service and deliver projects. Integration with their UC telephony solution was also a key driver.

When it came to Abbey’s sales process, the software they had been using just wasn’t cutting it anymore. They needed to hold more of the right data and streamline the process, bringing it under a single roof for better oversight.

The management team wanted to keep a close on eye on the whole sales process, with the ability to report on and analyse based on their custom data.

This same reporting functionality was equally important for the team when it came to the management of their customer service desk. Having recently merged with Genesis I.T., Abbey found that neither company had the ideal software that would give them the oversight they needed for the combined IT and Telecoms businesses.

They wanted to integrate the two businesses under a common interface. But it had to have the functionality and features both teams needed for managing tickets. You can see how important it was that Abbey got this working right.

We worked with the team to ensure the customer service desk was collecting the right information and had the right tools to manage the communication around their customers’ questions.

Our promise of unlimited custom fields was one of the first big wins. Here at Open CRM, we don’t restrict how many custom fields you can have in any one area of the system (or even overall). We figure that you’ve got a business need to hold that information, so why would we stand in your way?

All of this customisation gave Abbey ICT a CRM solution that holds all the information they need about their customers, with the functionality that allows them to manage (and oversee) their processes. Open CRM gives them the tools they need to join the dots between all the teams and across the whole of the customer journey.

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