Waterlogic Case Study

Open CRM was the ideal solution for Angel Springs, giving them the customisation they needed in just about every area of the system.

John Murphy

Angel Springs Ltd

Established in 1989, Waterlogic (formerly Angel Springs) are a market leader in providing Water Cooler systems throughout the UK. They continue to be the UK’s fastest growing Water Cooler provider, taking on roughly 1200 new customers every month across many different sectors. Alongside their commercial offering, Waterlogic are dedicated to environmental protection; championing sustainability through reduced emissions and recycled products.

They needed an extremely customisable CRM solution which could map to their unique business processes and terminologies. The functionality to manage leads through the sales cycle was essential, with the management team needing to generate a number of pipeline reports for complete oversight. Alongside this, the ability to manage after sales support contracts was essential to Waterlogic, ensuring they could deliver a professional service throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Their Open CRM Solution

Open CRM was the ideal solution for Waterlogic (Angel Springs), giving them the customisation they needed in just about every area of the system.

Through our dedicated Project Management team, the Open CRM solution was quickly tailored to Angel Springs business processes and terminology, allowing them to truly make the system their own.

By utilising our Leads, Opportunities and Sales Order modules, Angel Springs streamlined their sales cycle leading to a boost in productivity.

The Open CRM Reports module gave the management team the functionality to pull powerful data from the system, using their own custom fields and terminology, giving quick oversight of their sales pipeline in many different formats; data could then be used in other systems to tie together the whole customer journey.

And finally, by using our Pop2OpenCRM integration, Angel Springs could be confident that their efficient after sales support and communications would all be automatically brought into Open CRM, meaning that none of that rich history was lost.

In early 2016, as part of Angel Springs’ expansion plans, they acquired PHS, another large water cooler supplier in the UK and Europe – this lead to the company doubling in size overnight. Waterlogic’s Open CRM system now became an integral part of bringing together two separate company cultures into one streamlined outfit; ensuring no effects were felt by the customer during this transitionary period.

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