“OpenCRM will revolutionise our business.”

Nichole Roberts

Annabel’s Deliciously British

Annabel’s Deliciously British believe in producing the highest quality, sustainable British strawberries. Based near Leeds in Yorkshire, they grow several different varieties of strawberry throughout the whole of the (surprisingly long) growing season.

At Annabel’s Deliciously British, the team take full ownership of every stage of production, from planting, monitoring, harvesting, packing, inspecting, and then distribution. This personal ownership of the whole process results in a passion for delivering the perfect strawberry, from field to fork in 24 hours (or less).

When the team at Annabel’s first got in touch with us here at OpenCRM, they were looking for a way to better manage the relationships with their Suppliers and Customers. And we gave them that—a great relationship management solution.

But as they learned more about what was possible with OpenCRM, the depth of functionality available to them, a whole new world of possibilities opened up.

Annabel’s Deliciously British Success Story

Their Open CRM Solution

Instead of relying on OpenCRM solely for managing their Contacts and Companies, the team at Annabel’s have incorporated OpenCRM into just about every aspect of the business.

It started with bringing the sales process into the system. Nichole and the team can now manage their Products, create and send out Sales Orders, and then Report on the whole process. All within a single system that sits right alongside the other valuable information they hold on their customers and suppliers.

But that was just the start.

After chatting with their OpenCRM project manager about how we manage these implementation and adoption projects, the team saw an opportunity to streamline their own processes for internal projects.

They now keep track of the goals, to do lists, and progress of virtually all of their internal projects. From product development to promotions to construction projects on the farm. It’s all tracked and managed within OpenCRM.

In addition to managing the tasks and goals of each internal project, the team are able to easily see who is available to complete these tasks because they started using the OpenCRM Personnel module to get a quick view of who is on holiday (and how much holiday time each person has remaining).

It took time to discover the various ways that OpenCRM could be implemented within their business. But once they did, the benefits were clear.

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