“Having looked at a number of options we choose Open CRM because of its simplicity and feature rich functionality. The system is easy to deploy and maintain. Critical to our decision was also that all data is held in the UK only.”

Steve Lees

Blue Square Utilities

Blue Square Utilties Success Story

Based in Jarrow, in the North East of England, providing UK wide services, Blue Square Utilities offer a suite of services within the UK metering industry. They also offer an outbound call centre and scheduling service for their customers.

When they came to us, the team were looking to improve the management of their booking service. They needed a way to record the details and purpose of each call out, pass these across to the engineer, and then automatically record the resolution.

In addition to this day-to-day management, Kirsty and her team needed a way to report on these call outs and appointments.

Their Open CRM Solution

Our first step was to customise Activities to ensure Steve, Kirsty, and their team could use these to record all the relevant details of a scheduled appointment. This included booking id’s, site addresses, technical information about the meter(s) being serviced, and so on.

The detail on these Activities could then be sent to the assigned engineer via an email. This email contains what we call merge variables, which allows the information from the Activity to be carried across automatically into the body of the email. So Kirsty and her team can send the full details of a booking by just clicking “Email”—no re-entering of data required.

It also contains a link to an online form that, when populated, will update the exact same Activity with all of the engineer’s findings. Meaning that Kirsty and her team are automatically updated with the full details of the site visit. No chasing the engineer for his or her report. No re-typing of information or parsing hand-written notes. It’s all automated using our integration with Jotform.

And then finally, Kirsty is able to report on these Activities so she can easily see how many were completed and how many weren’t due to issues with access or some other technical reason.

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