“We are really enjoying using the system. I feel it has shaped our company very well as we grow.”

Alan Irvine

Broadley James

Broadley-James Success Story

Broadley-James Corporation are Manufacturers of Sensors and Bioreactors in the US. Broadley-James Ltd are distributors of these products alongside other partners that support our customer base in the pharmaceutical and wider biotechnology industry. We provide sales and service support for our parent company and other partners in the US and Netherlands. Being ISO9001 certified, we hold ourselves to high standards; and our products reflect that.

When they came to us…

Broadley-James Ltd (BJL) came to us with a desire to move from their legacy on-premises CRM software to a more dynamic cloud-based solution. They did not want to lose the rich history stored in that CRM, so they needed help from us to migrate the data into OpenCRM.

Their Open CRM Solution

The Professional Services team at OpenCRM are skilled at migrating databases and so BJL were able to get started on their “new” CRM journey with a familiar database, rather than having to start from scratch. OpenCRM’s security model meant that the right members of the team are able to access and interact with the data in a way that is relevant to their role.


We helped recreate email signatures and a Quote PDF template in OpenCRM. This means that BJL can harness these tools to do their customer communications from with the system, whilst remaining completely on-brand. By enabling OpenCRM’s email integration, it also meant that customer communications are logged in a central location rather than being dispersed among various email clients.


Being able to issue Quotes from the system enables BJL to keep their sales activities and data management under one roof; by using OpenCRM’s Helpdesk module to track customer service enquiries, the platform really offers the team a 360-degree view of their customers.


The next step was to explore OpenCRM’s integration with the accounts package Sage50. This enables Alan and his team to push customer, products and sales data from OpenCRM into their accounting software, without having to duplicate data entry and thereby minimising the chance of error. The ability to import/update all of our products, prices, customers and supplier information makes maintaining system capability very simple.


We continually find new ways to harness the powerful packages and tools that OpenCRM provide to improve our business processes and productivity.

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