The Ergo Group Case Study

“It was reassuring knowing that we had a designated contact at OpenCRM to help with any queries that we had with the new system, and this support still continues today.”

Paula Blake-Pead

Ergo Group Ltd

Founded in 1996, Ergo Group believe in supplying families with the highest quality products ensuring hours of outdoor fun for the whole family.

Their range of products include Rainbow Play Systems, the finest wooden climbing frames in the UK, Springfree Trampolines, the safest trampolines in the world and most recently Hydrolife, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. Seriously, check out their websites, we’d love to have one of each of these for our office, but no one would get any work done!

But back in the office, Ergo Group had a problem.

The simple CRM system they were using had been built and managed by an employee who later left the business. Leaving them with a basic system with no real function to manage sales leads.

Basically, they were left scratching their heads and needed to be forward thinking to find a system to cope with their growing company.

Paula Blake-Pead, who has the fantastic job title of “Operational Excellence”, needed a CRM system to manage the sales team. She needed to know what was in the pipeline and what was happening with each of them on a day to day basis.

Their Open CRM Solution

OpenCRM was able to give Paula and her team a way to manage their prospects and customers easily. Scheduling follow up calls and other activities in a single place.

Paula could see who was supposed to be where with just a couple clicks.

OpenCRM also let the team record and amend their opportunities (both amounts and probabilities), letting Paula easily forecast and budget. Something their old system couldn’t do.

When it came to onboarding and getting the whole team set up on the system, Paula worked with a dedicated Project Manager here at OpenCRM. They were able to get the whole team up and working “quite seamlessly.”

The team at Ergo Group Ltd know that they can get in touch with their Account Manager or our support team whenever they need it. Asking about extending functionality or just a quick how to.

OpenCRM is a system with such a wide range of functionality that we’re constantly adding to and working to improve. We were thrilled when Paula recently told us that she and her team were still discovering new shortcuts and functions. Even after more than 5 years!

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