Gresham Books Case Study

Since coming on board with Open CRM in 2014, Gresham Books’ CRM journey has evolved to match their business.

Nicholas Oulton

Gresham Books

For over 20 years, Gresham Books has specialised in providing organisations all over the UK with bespoke printing across a range of text books, hymn books and song sheets. With a strong reputation built on trust and high quality, Gresham Books pride themselves on making publishing easy, delivering products to match an exact specification.

Gresham Books needed a CRM solution to help manage multiple areas of their business. From their website, they needed a way to bring contact form leads into their system ready for the sales team to follow up. Having built up a large customer base, Gresham Books wanted to deliver email marketing campaigns from their system, ensuring vital data such as clickthrough’s and bounce rates were captured.  From here, it was essential Gresham Books could manage their print projects from one place, tracking specifications, costs and activities related to each bespoke product.

Their Open CRM Solution

Through the breadth of Open CRM’s functionality, Gresham Books were able to solve many different problems throughout their business. By utilising our integration with JotForm, customer information could easily be pulled through to our Leads modules ready and waiting for Gresham Books sales team. Upon qualifying these leads, Gresham Books could easily manage a customer through the sales cycle until the order was confirmed.

For managing each bespoke order Open CRM‘s Projects module was perfect; allowing communication, time and costs to be managed from a single place. As Gresham Books’ customer base grew and grew, Open CRM‘s Campaigns module allowed for simple planning, creation and analysis for email marketing.

Since coming on board with Open CRM in 2014, Gresham Books’ CRM journey has evolved to match their business. By utilising Open CRM‘s expert professional service team, Gresham Books have engaged in a number of custom developments to truly make the system their own.

Changes to the Documents and Projects modules of the system have allowed Gresham Books to streamline the creation and management of bespoke orders. Through custom development, Open CRM have delivered a complete hymnbook solution; allowing Gresham Books to create unique hymnbook and music variations whilst automating the complex processes for copyright billing and management.

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