Imaging Supplies Case Study

A true customer relationship management system.

Graeme Scobie

Imaging Supplies

As a high volume office equipment supplier, the team at Imaging Supplies has to be able to manage their sophisticated product records right alongside existing and prospective client information. Based in Scotland, Imaging Supplies has the dynamics of a specialist company paired with the buying power of a much larger organisation. They supply and manage accounts ranging from small, home offices all the way to universities and other large, public sector accounts, providing a dedicated and supportive account manager to ensure their customers find the right product at the right price.

Imaging Supplies needed a CRM solution that would give them the ability to manage their existing and prospective clients, and keep track of all contact they had with them. They also needed to be able to manage an extensive inventory of detailed and sometimes complicated product records.

Their Open CRM Solution

With limited customisation, the team at Open CRM were able to provide Imaging Supplies with a CRM system that would meet all of these needs and give them the opportunity to test out new sales techniques and easily manage their Contacts and Companies, recording any and all Activities associated with them, as well as keeping track of their purchases.

Open CRM was also able to provide a slight alteration to the Products module which gave Imaging Supplies the power to include multiple product and supplier codes, keeping their records organised and up to date. They can easily update their sell prices and stock levels from their myriad of suppliers, streamlining their product management.

Imaging Supplies also makes use of the Lead management module in Open CRM, ensuring that their sales team is able to manage their newest prospects, effectively identify those most likely to make the jump from prospect to customer, quote them, and prepare email follow ups.

Managing Director Graeme Scobbie feels that the use of Open CRM has given his sales team an edge and helped the business over the years.

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