“A very collaborative approach to project delivery with everyone working well together. 

Helen Jilks


The goal of LEAP is to enhance the lives of older people in our community. This is achieved through various means. Their Befriending and handyperson services involves one-to-one befriending, friendship groups and a handyperson service for persons aged 50 and over. All brought to you by our Hands On Project team of trained and expert volunteers.

Our Learning and Leisure programme is back in full swing following easing of COVID restrictions. Check our What’s On page for details about activities and classes for all.

R:evolve Recycle operates clothing swap shops, a clothing bank and repair and upcycling workshops all aimed at recycling clothes and helping fight climate change.

Today LEAP serves more than 8,500 members and clients in 18 communities across Lanarkshire.

When they came to us 
LEAP is always expanding and diversifying the range of services offered. As such, it starts to become tricky to keep an overview of the different services. They had been using upwards of 20 databases as well as Excel to track information.

In addition, the various stakeholder groups may well interact with one or more of the services. So it became apparent there was a need to keep all this information in one central hub, accessible to different members of the team.

Their Open CRM Solution

The Professional Services team at OpenCRM customised the Projects module extensively. This allows LEAP to keep track of different tasks based on the job type. By using, conditional fields, it means that information is only displayed when it is relevant.
Handy Person jobs are managed via Activities. This matches up a handy person to a specific job, with the contact details linked so they know who has requested the work and where and when it is needed. 

The Contacts module is used to store details of service users. There is a large and diverse range of information that LEAP need to collect. To keep things simple, fields relevant to different contact types are stored in collapsed blocks of fields. That means you are not overwhelmed with information when initially looking at a Contact.

LEAP use the Events module is used to store classes, workshops and other get-togethers. By matching up attendees to each Event, and setting bespoke details around the event LEAP can easily track who is involved in which event, from a volunteer or a service user perspective.

To review performance, LEAP have built an extensive library of reports allowing them to track statistics relating to various parts of the system used.

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