NIHR Clinical Research Network Case Study

OpenCRM has taken the sting out of Project Management and has streamlined our reporting processes to just the click of a button. The best part for us, is that we can customise it and change it when we want, without losing any functionality.

Vee Mapunde

NIHR Clinical Research Network

NIHR Clinical Research Network provide the infrastructure for high-quality NHS clinical research to take place throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region.

They were looking for a system that combined the classic elements of CRM with a bespoke Project Management solution.

Given the unique trajectory of the projects they undertook, they needed flexibility and robustness out of the box, something which standard Project Management tools just didn’t provide.

Vee Mupunde and her team needed a solution which would fit into their processes and procedures, allowing for fast adoption and ease of use for all staff.

Given the ever-changing landscape they operated within, they needed a system which gave them administrative access and allowed them to customise the interface as their operations evolved.

What they loved about OpenCRM

  • Flexible and robust project management
  • Streamlined reporting
  • They can tweak and change the system
  • Training and customisation made for a fast adoption process

Their Open CRM Solution

Following some detailed requirements gathering, NIHR’s processes were fully defined and the plans to map them into OpenCRM were created. The natural place to start was within OpenCRM’s Project Management module which would quickly become the hub of NIHR’s day-to-day operations. Through the use of Custom Fields, Views and Layouts, the inherent flexibility of OpenCRM meant NIHR created a system which was completely their own.

Dedicated consultation with our Professional Services team identified areas of the system which could be removed, thus boosting familiarity and ease of use. Following this, a period of training was undertaken, working with the whole NIHR team to understand how the system operated, its future capability and how to maximise the value they received through workflows and best practices.

Following roll-out, NIHR have seen a drastic improvement in the way operations are managed and streamlined reporting is achieved. Through the ongoing customisation of OpenCRM, they have the power to mould a system which fits them perfectly as their requirements continue to evolve.

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