Redsquid Case Study

“After a good boarding process we have built up a good working relationship with Open CRM and always find them there to assist as we grow as a business”

Andrew Potts


As one of the UK’s leading independent providers of unified communication business services, Redsquid prides themselves on always giving their customers and prospects independent advice.

They have been helping their customers achieve the right solution that will grow with their business since 2006. All while making their lives easier by reducing all the confusion down to a single unified solution.

It is vital therefore that all details relating to prospects and customers is kept in a single location. But before OpenCRM, that was exactly the problem.

The team at Redsquid were keeping documents in online folders, which were sometimes not accessible or easily visible to other members of the team.

They also couldn’t report on or monitor activity regarding each individual customer.

They needed a CRM.

Their Open CRM Solution

And they found OpenCRM.

With OpenCRM, the team was able to keep everything stored in a single place: from documents, to call records, to previous sales, and more. Because everything was in one place, the management team could also get an overview of what everyone was doing and how each customer’s solution was progressing.

The team found OpenCRM clear and easy to navigate, making the onboarding process even simpler.

Speaking of the onboarding process, the team at RedSquid found that their dedicated Project Manager a huge asset during the whole of the process. It meant they were able to tailor the system to meet their needs and get everyone up and running.

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