Robop Limited Case Study

The on boarding process was excellent. Our project manager talked us through ways to achieve what we needed, provided excellent training, and was generally very patient and knowledgeable.

Sara Donald

Robop Ltd

Robop Limited manufactures and sells the world’s only robotic enterprise level bird deterrent system. They were established in 2001 and have grown to serve corporate and public sector clients in over 15 countries.

Their offering involves a sophisticated autonomous robotic bird of prey that ensures buildings of all sizes, as well as open environments, are kept free of the birds that could damage property and/or pose serious health risks.

When Robop was founded, the data required by each department was held by that team. This worked perfectly well at the beginning. But as the company grew, the team at Robop had a need to centralise this database to ensure everyone had the information they needed, but could easily share this with other teams.

Similarly, the processes that worked in the beginning were becoming less and less fluid, making the team less efficient and causing significant frustration.

Their Open CRM Solution

The team at OpenCRM worked with Robop to understand their process and data requirements. This allowed customisation of OpenCRM to fit the system around what the Robop team needed.

It all started with centralising the Contact and Lead databases, bringing them into OpenCRM, along with the details of ongoing and past negotiations, creating these as Opportunities in the system. This provided Robop with a sales and customer management system they could use as a foundation for the rest of their requirements.

The next stage of Robob’s processes needed the creation of proposal documents that could be sent from OpenCRM using our Mail Merge functionality. From here, the team expanded into managing their quoting, ongoing installation projects, and repairs. All from one central location that everyone could access (depending on their permissions of course).

OpenCRM provided a system that gave Robop the tools to handle their customer interactions, from prospecting through to after care, all from a single location.

Once the system was ready to go, the Robop team worked with their OpenCRM project manager to ensure everyone understood how the system worked and felt confident using it.

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