Rubicon Workflow Solutions Case Study

Making bespoke adjustments to the out-of-the box system gave them a system that was perfect for them.

Jeremy Lambert

Rubicon Workflow Solutions Ltd

The team at Rubicon Workflow Solutions are the people to contact when you’ve got a need for a digital solution. They provide software, hardware, and support to ensure that creative professionals have the digital platform they require. Rubicon have a practical and realistic approach to IT and provide a friendly, approachable, and impartial hub for their customers’ needs, regardless of business size or technical complexity.

The team at Rubicon needed a CRM system to be able to manage & import data from third party systems to help them generate product streams and best price information they pass on to their customers. They also needed a system that would help them manage their inventory, including stock levels and shipping, create and track purchase orders and quotes, as well as sales lead management. They originally chose Salesforce. But, over time, they found that Salesforce just wasn’t right for them and started their search again. This time, they found Open CRM gave them the opportunity to spend less on the subscription and use some of the excess budget to develop a more customised system.

Their Open CRM Solution

Jeremy Lambert, Managing Director, was able to direct this customisation, by working with their Project Manager here at Open CRM, and ensure that their new system was fully integrated with their business processes.

Their new, customised system does everything they need, from helping to manage their inventory, to importing information from their product stream, as well as giving their sales team the necessary lead management tools.

In addition to working with the team at Open CRM to create a tailored CRM solution, the team at Rubicon reported that they received a more personal level of support and a data storage plan they feel confident about.

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