“OpenCRM has helped us with email marketing, tracking opportunities and monitoring performance 

Oliver Sinfield

Thistle Scientific

Thistle Scientific Limited was founded in December 1997 and has its head office in Uddingston, Scotland. They have a long and proud history of bringing innovative and exclusive products to the UK market from leading international manufacturers, for the Life Science sector.

Customer Comes First

Their ethos is simply “Where customer care comes naturally”. Remembering that when the customer is happy, they too are delighted. Thistle Scientific Ltd provides for their customers’ requirements – actively engaging with them at all levels providing them with assistance, advice, and collaboration opportunities to facilitate fully their needs.


Thistle Scientific Ltd is instrumental in sourcing new and innovative products for the UK market that will not only enhance our product portfolio and services, but also provide our customers with the best products and workflows possible.

When they came to us

Back in 2014, we were delighted to welcome Thistle Scientific onboard with OpenCRM. Initially, they were dipping their feet into the CRM world, but over the years they have broadened and grown their use of the system.

Their Open CRM Solution

Using a combination of screen layouts, views, customised search panels and reports – Thistle Scientific are able to visualise and segment their data to identify targeted groups of records. This is essential for email marketing purposes, and identifying different Opportunity segments. Remember being able to pinpoint those customer needs in their “customer comes first” environment? OpenCRM provides the tools to do exactly that.

Once they have identified customer clusters, they use the Campaigns function of OpenCRM to send messages to these stakeholder groups. The tracking functionality embedded in the Campaigns module allows them to track performance of those mailshots.

Thistle Scientific use the Opportunities and Quotes modules to fine-tune the sales with their client. One feature they take advantage of is the ability to link Products to a Quote, and then to include Product images on PDFs generated in OpenCRM.

Everyone wants to attract self-generated Leads and Prospects – Thistle Scientific use a custom integration from using our website forms software and the API to import the contact forms. This automatically generates Contact records in OpenCRM.

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